Boris Brucher

Home Set is a furniture installation which illustrates the condition of the contemporary living room, evolving towards a curated staged decor. Built primarily for its photographic purpose, it is a consequence of the increasing economic potential of the broadcasted image of ourselves, reaching our homes and pushing us to inhabit image. It was designed for my graduation at Design Academy Eindhoven, and will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week at the Campina Factory from October 21st-27th 2019.

Toile de Jouy is an installation that uses decorative story-telling to communicate about the contemporary issue of industrial farming and animal condition. It is referencing the XVIIIth century French tapestry called Toile de Jouy, which typically represented farming scenes from the times and turned them into ornament. To do so, I used a deep-learning algorithm to apply the aesthetic style of Toile de Jouy onto contemporary farming scenes, then recontextualised it as a tapestry in a classical interior.

Set design for the launch of Chufy's kimono collection at The Webster, NYC. Project designed with Bureau Betak and presented in April 2018.

Set design for Kate Spade Fall Winter 2018 fashion presentation. The theme revolved around Nashville and the Tennessee atmosphere. Project designed with Bureau Betak in New York City, and presented in February 2018.